Welcome to the new site for Spray Rite, Inc.

We hope that you can use this website as a tool to grow and benefit your business. Spray Rite is a leader in providing sales, service, and installation of industrial paint finishing, piping, tubing, and pumping systems in the southeast. 

Spray Rite Integrates paint finishing, Pumping, and Stainless Steel Tubing systems into manufacturing facilities In Georgia and surrounding areas in the Southeastern United States.

Spray-Rite installs paint booths, paint kitchens and various custom portable and fixed pumping and paint finishing systems in manufacturing plants.

We have over 36 years of manufacturing systems experience with pumps, paint spray equipment and industrial Paint booths.

Please Contact Don Wucinski to consult or schedule an appointment to review your next pumping and Paint finishing systems requirements. 

WE look Forward to working with you on your next project! 


A typical paint kitchen installation


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Don Wucinski

4068 Sloan Mill Rd

Flowery Branch, Ga